Private Rented Sector (PRS)

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The UK’s private rented sector (PRS) has not only doubled in size over the last 15 years; it’s gathering pace. At arc4, we know this market inside out – all the way down to individual property level.

We can provide detailed market information and access individual and societal information. This includes the affluence of renters, school attainment levels, health, the retail and leisure offer, café culture, the likeability of an area and travel to work times, to list a few. Not only does this allow us to analyse the size, profile and activity of a rental market, we’re also able to overlay this information with a highly accurate picture of the individuals who will be looking to rent different types of properties.

We’ll tell you precisely where demand is strongest, by price, stock, transaction levels, landlord or location; and how that demand is currently being met. We’ll explain exactly what investment opportunities this creates, as well as carry out alternative site option appraisals and direct market comparisons to strengthen your proposal.

We provide typical tenants’ profiles, so you know what specific type and size of properties people want where; and detailed market summaries, identifying the most effective ways of capturing demand that is currently being met by private, buy-to-let landlords.

Our real-time market data narrows all the way down to individual property level, covering all indices: from house prices, sales figures, letting values and time-to-let, through to property types and market affordability. We’ll also help you interpret this information and use it most effectively, so you really understand your market.

Further still, as well as confirming the type of rental properties that will be more in demand and most commercially successful, this advanced service also provides valuable customer insights when it comes to planning the most effective marketing strategy to let your property.

Private Rented Sector (PRS) Case Studies

  • Shelter - Private rented sector in Greater Manchester

    arc4 were appointed to undertake this research in 2018, to provide support to better understand the private rented sector in Greater Manchester and the barriers facing vulnerable...

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  • Tribe Apartments Limited

    arc4 was appointed by Tribe Apartments to measure PRS demand and provide a robust evidence base for its three tower blocks, all of which had stood empty for over fifteen years, in order...

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  • Stafford and Rural Homes

    Stafford and Rural Housing (SARH) was considering whether the organisation should diversify into the private rented sector, and appointed arc4 to provide a detailed analysis of the PRS...

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  • Torus Housing Group

    arc4 was appointed to undertake a detailed demand survey for a new scheme offering PRS (Private Rented Sector) accommodation in St Helens town centre. The requirements included a robust...

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  • Wakefield Council

    Wakefield Council wanted to develop a more detailed understanding of the private rented housing market in its district area in order to help meet the current and future housing needs of its...

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